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Family’s loving, funny obituary celebrates Joe Heller, a mischievous Connecticut man and ‘consummate napper’


A family’s goofy but heartfelt obituary in the Hartford Courant celebrated a Connecticut man and “consummate napper.”

The “exceedingly long obituary” for Joe Heller, who served in the Navy and worked as a library assistant at the Yale Law School Library, noted — among other humorous tidbits — his penchant for embarrassing his wife daily “with his mouth and choice of clothing.”

Heller died at 82 on Sunday.

“Joe was a frequent shopper at the Essex Dump and he left his family with a house full of crap, 300 pounds of birdseed and dead houseplants that they have no idea what to do with,” according to the obituary.

It continued: “Joe was also a consummate napper. There wasn’t a road, restaurant or friend’s house in Essex that he didn’t fall asleep on or in. There wasn’t an occasion too formal or an event too dour that Joe didn’t interrupt with his apnea and voluminous snoring.”

The family requested friends celebrate his life by pulling a harmless prank.

“Joe faced his death and his mortality, as he did with his life, face on, often telling us that when he dropped dead to dig a hole in the back yard and just roll him in,” the obit read. “Much to his disappointment, he will be properly interred with full military honors” on Friday.

The entire obituary can be read here.