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Fake concession speech stage set up to prank Mayor de Blasio’s long-shot presidential campaign


A fake concession speech stage for Mayor de Blasio was set up by writers Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler to prank his presidential campaign and convince him to drop out. (Courtesy of Jason Selvig)

We’re ready for your statement Mr. Mayor.

A fake concession speech stage for wannabe president Mayor de Blasio was set up outside City Hall and Hizzoner’s gym on Thursday.

“I’M DROPPING OUT” declared a sign next red, white and blue balloons and a microphone affixed with de Blasio’s 2020 campaign logo. “Today, I, Mayor Bill de Blasio, announce that I am dropping out of the presidential race,” another read.

The political prank comes courtesy of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, two writers who have previously dogged the mayor’s presidential aspirations with faux missing posters of de Blasio asking “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?” They also revealed a sign “renaming” City Hall “Iowa” during a shin-dig featuring corn dogs and corn last week.

Selvig said the duo put up the concession speech stage outside the mayor’s cherished Park Slope YMCA around 9 a.m. and moved the gag to City Hall midday.

“Our plan was to have de Blasio come out of the gym or out of City Hall and have him read the fake concession speech we wrote from him,” Selvig said.

They even wrote the pretend speech on cards. But the pals were disappointed to learn de Blasio was working – visiting schools in all five boroughs for the first day of class.

“He actually did some work today, which is incredible,” Selvig said.

Selvig said they’re trying to convince the mayor to drop out of the race and focus on his day job.

De Blasio spent just 91.5 hours, an average of 4.1 hours per workday, doing official business in May, the month he launched his campaign, according to an analysis of schedules by The Daily News editorial board.

“We need a mayor who’s here fighting for everyday New Yorkers, not someone who’s eating corn dogs in Iowa,” Selvig said. “We’re not conservatives. I do think Bill de Blasio would make a better president than Donald Trump, but I also think a ham sandwich would make a better president than Donald Trump.”

De Blasio said Wednesday that he would likely suspend his bid for the White House if he doesn’t land a spot on the debate stage next month after failing to qualify for the one next week.

“Why waste another month of this on taxpayer dollars? It is costing the city money – and it’s embarrassing the city,” Selvig said. “We want him to end the embarrassment and come back and do the job hes being paid to do—or resign.”