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Ex-UConn soccer player who flipped off camera loses lawsuit over revoked scholarship


The judge didn’t get a kick out of this penalty.

A former UConn women’s soccer player lost a federal civil rights lawsuit against the university Monday, the Hartford Courant reported.

Noriana Radwan had her scholarship taken away after she gave the middle finger to an ESPN camera while celebrating a conference championship in 2014. Radwan, a freshman, was initially suspended but later kicked off the team.

Radwan apologized and went on to play for Hofstra (on a new scholarship), where she scored eight goals in three seasons, and also sued UConn in 2016 for gender discrimination.

She argued that UConn had let male athletes off with yellow cards for small infractions, while she was shown straight red.

U.S. District Judge Victor A. Bolden headed that argument out of play, according to the Courant. He said that Radwan’s middle finger was a unique case, more severe than a men’s soccer player accused of theft, a football player in a campus altercation or men’s basketball players missing curfew in Puerto Rico. Therefore, he ruled, UConn was justified in revoking Radwan’s scholarship.

So they can take away her scholarship, but they can never take away that 2014 American Athletic Conference Tournament Championship.