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Ed Henry returns to Fox News after donating part of his liver to his sister


Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry, left, gets emotional as he describes his surgery to co-hosts Steve Doocy, second left, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade on the "Fox & friends" television program, in New York, Friday, Sept. 6, 2019. Henry retuned after donating 30-percent of his liver to his ailing sister. (Richard Drew/AP)

Ed Henry is back at Fox News this week after donating part of his liver to his sister.

Fox’s Chief National Correspondent returned to the network Friday with an emotional appearance on “Fox & Friends” to an audience of service members.


The Queens native noted Friday that he “wanted to save one person,” but hopes the awareness raised around his donation to his sister Colleen will “end up saving a lot more people.”

“I did that for my sister who I love, that’s easy I think,” Henry, 48, told the audience. “What you do every single day, helping people that you may not even know… I mean the number of people on 9/11 who rushed into those buildings, Stephen Siller and everyone else, he didn’t know people he wanted to save.”

“There’s a pile of letters in my office I got yesterday,” Henry revealed through tears. “One woman wrote me that her son got a liver donation. He’s alive, you know, a decade later and they think this is going to raise a little bit of awareness.”

Henry underwent surgery earlier in the summer to donate about 30% of his liver to Colleen, who CNN reports suffers from a degenerative liver disease. He says the operation “changed my life” and Colleen is “doing great.”