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Don, Doral & diplomacy: What’s not to like?


The Trumpiest G-7 ever! (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

President Trump is demanding next year’s G7 summit take place at his family-owned Doral resort, because of course he is.

Why, it has conference rooms, restaurants, even buildings! “We call them bungalows," says the president. No other location in the lower 48 United States can boast all that.

Reports that the place is run down and losing money? Fake news! World leaders need only open their eyes and take in the glorious grounds, some beautified by undocumented immigrants.

How dare anyone suggest that this is all about funneling public money into the Trump family coffers. Next thing you know, you’ll say he’s going to make Emmanuel Macron drink Trump Wine and Shinzo Abe swallow Trump Steak.

And let Vladimir Putin crash the party to sip from a special stash of Trump Vodka.