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Devilish desnuda threatened to keep autistic man’s phone unless he paid her $100: DA


The Times Square painted lady accused of scamming a selfie-seeking 30-year-old autistic man made sure she’d get her money by threatening to keep the victim’s cellphone until he paid her and her pal $100, court papers revealed Saturday.

Don’t worry about the price, desnuda Emelia La Porte, 26, and her as-yet unnamed partner in semi-nude crime told the Brooklyn man as they posed for selfies at the Crossroads of the World, say court papers.

After the three posed for a few shots, “the women then told (the victim) that the photograph would be $100, or else he would not receive his cell phone back,” according to court papers.

“The women then held onto informant’s phone while he withdrew $100 from an ATM," court papers state.

Cops tracked down and arrested La Porte in Times Square on Friday, charging her with grand larceny in the fourth degree for extorting money, cops said. A judge ordered her released without bail during a brief arraignment Friday night.

Investigators were still looking for La Porte’s bikini-clad partner in crime on Saturday.

La Porte and her alleged accomplice accosted the autistic man Sept. 12 as he was on his way home from a program for people with autism, said police.

Her arrest is the latest black mark on the Times Square costumed characters who charge to pose for pictures.

A 54-year-old man dressed like Sesame Street’s Elmo was arrested Sept. 7 on charges of groping a 14-year-old girl, officials said.

Because of an uptick in complaints about aggressive costumed characters, the Times Square Alliance is pushing for laws that will better corral them and ensure they are registered with city Department of Consumer Affairs.