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Deer that got stuck in a fence was lucky enough to be saved twice by the same jogger



A female deer appears to have gotten stuck in the same fence twice in Atlanta, GA.’s Stone Mountain Park. Lucky for that fawn, a jogger was there both times to set her free.

The runner, who said she rescued the poor animal on both occasions, described the bizarre ordeal on Instagram, where she also posted photos and video.

“On my morning run, a deer needed my help, and within seconds, she was stuck again!” wrote Instagram user Chloe Memoir. It’s unclear who shot the footage.

The first time the deer got stuck, Chloe Memoir was able to bend the fence enough to set her free. The second time, the animal managed to wedge itself between the bars a little more tightly.

“The second time was more frightening than the first. We were both scared for each other...! I’m so happy I was at the right place at the right time!”

After liberating the deer one last time, the jogger warned her new friend that she was going to have to figure out how to clear a fence on her own.

"What is wrong with this girl?” the jogger can be heard asking on video. “You need to learn how to jump boo!”

As the deer ran into the distance, Chloe Memoir warned her not to come back to this fenced-in section of the park a third time.

"Yo ass better not get stuck again!” she yelled.