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Curious Canadian teen helps solve cold case of woman who went missing almost 30 years ago


Move over, Nancy Drew.

One curious 13-year old in Alberta, Canada, helped solve a cold case that happened almost 30 years ago. And now he’s being praised for his “outstanding” detective work and may have a future in sleuthing.

In mid-August, teenager Max Werenka, who says he always had an inkling to “question things,” spotted a car submerged in a lake near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

According to CTV, the family mentioned the discovery to an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which later discovered the body of a woman who went missing 27 years ago.

Authorities came to Griffin Lake on Aug. 21 and went out on a boat to see the overturned Honda Accord off the side of the TransCanada Highway in Monashee Mountains, where Werenka’s family runs a cabin rental business.

The teenager helped served as their tour guide and pointed him the area of his discovery.

He went the extra mile when he dove in the lake with his GoPro video camera to capture footage of the submerged vehicle — confirming that someone was there.

Three days later, the police’s dive team discovered a license plate, which belonged to 69-year-old Janet Farris from Vancouver Island, who reportedly disappeared after driving solo to Alberta that autumn of 1992.

“I couldn’t imagine for that many years, not understanding what happened to a love one,” Werenka said.

Cpl. Thomas Blakney praised the 13-year old for his “outstanding” detective work and for cracking a cold case that may have never been solved.

“The RCMP will probably be looking at this guy down the road for potential employment,” Blakney said.