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Cops rescue suicidal woman who jumped in Hudson River after breakup


NYPD Officers Christopher Collins and Tim Poon spotted the woman in the drink near W. 23rd St. after initially receiving a call for a dispute between the couple around 8 a.m., police said. (Catherina Gioino / New York Daily News)

A jilted girlfriend jumped into the Hudson River Sunday morning after her boyfriend broke up with her — but was rescued by a pair of quick-thinking cops, authorities said.

The chaos began when the woman and her beau got into an a quarrel along Pier 62 near W. 23rd St. around 8 a.m., cops and witnesses said.

“The girl said, ‘You did this to me!’” said a witness who only gave his name as Robert, 71. “She had his backpack I think. She climbed over the railing on that side and they kept on kind of arguing. ‘I’m going to kill myself’ and that.”

“She fell into the water and she had the backpack on,” he added. “He was yelling at first, but then after a while he kind of calmed down. He was very interested in getting his backpack back.”

NYPD Officers Christopher Collins and Tim Poon responded to the scene and quickly spotted the woman in the drink. Collins, a former lifeguard, sprang into action while Poon grabbed a buoy from the trunk.

“I just start taking off my vest, shirt, gun belt,” Collins said at the scene later in the day. “Jumped in, went after her, swam after her.”

“I knew she needed help right away. She was definitely struggling. Her bag weighed 50 pounds,” he added. “She had a big backpack on and it was tangled. And she couldn’t get it off so I had to get (it) off her. I grabbed her, swam with her to the buoy.”

The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Collins insisted he was just doing his job.

“I feel like it’s any other day,” he said. “Every cop would have done the same thing — if they know how to swim.”