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Connecticut convict confesses to June ’08 killing, but maintains innocence in double-murder committed later that year with the same gun


Harold Patterson is serving a 100-year prison term. (Courtesy of the Chief State's Attorney's Office)

A Connecticut man serving 100 years in prison for murdering two men insists he’s not guilty of those killings, but confessed to a third that will add a decade to his sentence.

Harold Patterson pleaded guilty Wednesday to fatally shooting Raymond Hite in June 2008, according to the Hartford Courant. However, the 37-year-old convict is appealing a conviction in May in which a jury found that he killed a 21 and a 23-year-old man in an early morning drive-by shooting in Hartford a couple months after Hite’s murder.

Police reportedly knew the bullets that killed all three of Patterson’s alleged victims were fired from the same 9-mm. pistol, but the 11-year-old murder cases went cold when cops couldn’t link the killer to the gun. A witness reportedly came forth in 2016 who helped police connect the dots.

The judge who sentenced Patterson to a century behind bars called the the first two murders senseless.

“The defendant has slain two people and there was no reason for the killings,” Judge James Graham said.

A jury deliberated for three hours before reaching a guilty verdict in that case.

Other than being committed by Patterson with the same gun, investigators do not think the first two murders were connected to the third.