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Chimpanzee reportedly on the loose in Texas


It’s a jungle out there.

An animal that may be a chimpanzee is reportedly on the loose in southeast Texas, according to ABC13.

Bayou Animal Services said the animal was initially spotted on Monday and had received unverified reports that it had harassed both people and dogs and attempted to take cats. Another sighting was reported Tuesday.

Owners of chimpanzees and certain other exotic pets are required to have a permit issued by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

All license holders in the area were contacted and all primates were accounted for, according to Bayou Animal Services.

The shelter issued a statement urging people to not try to chase or capture the animal if they come into contact with it, for their own safety and for the animal’s. Chimpanzees have five or six times the strength of a human, according to the Jane Goodall Institute.

Santa Fe Police and Galveston County authorities are heading the search but have so far been unable to verify whether there is a chimpanzee or other type of primate on the loose.

“I’m not saying that there is no monkey, in fact, I’m sure there is one on the loose. Out here, anything is possible,” Santa Fe Police spokesman Lt. Greg Boody said.

Earlier this summer, a wild alligator was spotted in a Chicago park which required a reptile wrangler to be hired by the city to capture the animal dubbed Chance the Snapper.