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Chelsea cops irate over commanding officer’s ‘hostile work environment’: union


Some cops in a Chelsea precinct are furious over their commanding officer’s decision to skip 9/11 ceremonies last week while later in the day disciplining a veteran cop who lost his NYPD dad to Ground Zero-related cancer, the city’s largest police union says.

The Police Benevolent Association claims NYPD Capt. Kevin Coleman, the 10th Precinct’s commanding officer, missed 9/11 ceremonies Wednesday only to show up later in the day to discipline an officer.

Sources said the disciplining of the officer, who has roughly seven years on the force, was over last month’s assault of West Village resident Bernadette Dono, who claimed responding officers from the 10th Precinct didn’t lift a finger after she was randomly punched in the face by a stranger.

Coleman apologized to Dono via email and promised to “conduct a thorough investigation as to what happened."

“You are under attack!!!!” reads a letter issued by PBA delegates. “As if being attacked by the public is not bad enough. As if being attacked by politicians is not bad enough. As if being attacked from the media is not bad enough. Capt. Kevin J. Coleman is attacking you and your families.”

The letter claims Coleman routinely changes officers’ assignments, disrupting their home lives.

“All this comes at a time where we as a department are in the midst of a health crisis,” the letter continues, referring to an alarming spate of suicides among city cops. “When most are trying to find a solution, Capt. Kevin J. Coleman has done nothing but create a hostile work environment for members of the 10th Precinct.”

Coleman’s own union fired back Sunday, saying the disciplinary process for the cop began well before 9/11.

“Everyone in the NYPD is proud when a child of a fallen hero continues the proud legacy of their parent,” Captains Endowment Association President Roy Richter said in a statement. “The administrative process complained of began well before 9/11 and was not intended to coincide or distract from the solemnity of this day of mourning and remembrance."