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Bill takes aim at potential city contractors hostile to Council probes


The city would have to consider whether potential contractors demonstrated unresponsive, hostile or uncooperative behavior during Council investigations before giving them business under a bill set to be introduced on Thursday.

The legislation from Councilman Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx) is meant to prevent contractors and agencies from blowing off Council probes.

“City contractors will have an obligation to be as accountable to the City Council as city agencies and city employees,” Torres said. “We are sending a clear message: contractors who do business with the City are expected to fully cooperate with City Council investigations and hearings, even in the absence of subpoena. Obstructing an investigation by the City Council? will jeopardize one’s status as a responsible contractor.”

Torres’ office said there wasn’t a specific contractor that inspired the legislation, but that the councilman wanted to strengthen the powers of the Committee on Oversight and Investigations that he chairs.