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Best ways to get your travel photos into your life


My job requires me to organize travel photos. When it comes to family trips, though, I’m hopeless. Some photos are on my phone. Some are on my camera. Some have been transferred to my computer. It’s a jumbled heap. That’s too bad, because photos are the best way to remember a trip — and trips are one of life’s great joys.

It’s time to get the mess under control, so I looked to the experts, including photographers at the newspaper.

Edit and organize as you go. First, download that memory card right away. If you are like me, you took 20 pictures of the seaside. Find the one that speaks best to the experience and kill the rest. Then stash all the photos into one computer file clearly marked with the name of the destination and the date of the trip. Easy-peasy, provided you do it shortly upon your return, before those photos are buried or lost.

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After that, it’s time to get the photos actually into your life — and maybe your living room. Here are some great ways to use those travel pics beyond holiday cards.

Pin destination photos on a cork board shaped like the world or the United States. I found several by searching “map cork board.” has customizable maps of states and some countries, so a collage of images forms California, Florida or Minnesota, for instance (

For something truly sweet, top chocolate or marshmallows with edible photo prints at

Photos become instant art, no frame required, when printed on wood. Wood­ prints on a variety of shapes and sizes, and also offers gifts such as coasters and keepsake boxes.

Tried-and-true calendars and photo books are for sale at many sites. Check out the options at,, and other sites — all of which offer additional ideas of their own.


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