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Baseball fan stunningly outsmarts insiders in Bryce Harper sweepstakes


Apparently no shiny check mark is needed to break Bryce Harper news, after all.

Almost a full day before prominent baseball reporters caught on, a San Francisco Giants fan foresaw Bryce Harper meeting with his favorite team.

“dude, just met [Giants CEO] Larry Behr at the Bellagio [Hotel] last night. Maybe he’s in town for Bryce?!?!” Ronny Cobb tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Indeed he was, as Giants brass woo’d the $300 million-seeking Harper in his hometown, according to multiple reports Wednesday.

“(Behr mentioned) how they will be back to prominence soon,” Cobb told NBC Sports of his impromptu run-in with the Giants exec.

Shortly after the encounter, Cobb said he feverishly began texting his buddies over the idea of Harper ending up with the Giants.

Bryce Harper. (The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Meeting with a team coming off two miserable seasons and seemingly nearing a tankathon spells desperation on Harper’s part, as his and Manny Machado’s free agency nightmares drag on into spring training.

San Francisco is the latest team to join the Harper fray, following the Padres, while the Yankees remain disinterested despite Aaron Judge’s willingness to get Harper fitted for pinstripes.