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Baptist pastor plans anti-Muslim event to commemorate 9/11


A “proudly” Islamaphobic pastor plans to host a Sept. 11 event condemning Muslims on the 18th anniversary of the terror attacks on lower Manhattan and the Pentagon, which lawmakers are hoping he’ll reconsider.

The two-day spectacle begins Wednesday at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church in suburban Detroit and is split between a pair of gatherings. On day one, a “former Muslim and former law enforcement” speaker will discuss How the Interfaith Movement is Sabotaging American and the Church. Thursday’s festivities focus on How Islam is Destroying America From Within.

Both days are being promoted as family friendly and a flyer promises “refreshments will be served!”

Pastor Donald McKay, who’s hosting the celebration of dogmatism, boasted to Fox News last week, “I am an Islamophobe — I wear that badge proudly.”

He also told Fox that his problem isn’t with Muslims, so much as it’s with Islam.

“We don’t hate Muslims,” McKay claimed. “We hate the ideology they are identified with.”

Democratic Michigan state reps Abdullah Hammoud and Mari Manoogian released a joint statement last week condemning McKay’s rally.

“Our communities should be outraged by these scheduled toxic and bigoted events,” they said. "With the rise of mass shootings by white domestic terrorists targeting those they deem ‘other’ we are deeply disturbed that a place of worship would host an event that continues to fan the flames of hate and intolerance. Religious institutions should strive to be welcoming centers for all. We strongly encourage Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church to reconsider hosting these events and instead seek opportunities to foster a positive dialogue within the community.”

Detroit native Rashida Tlaib, who became the first Muslim woman elected to congress in November and took office in January, serves Michigan in the House of Representatives.