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Bahamas resident Sean Connery was ‘lucky’ to spared by Hurricane Dorian


He’s now lived twice.

Sean Connery feels “lucky” that Hurricane Dorian spared his New Providence home in the Bahamas this week. The Category 5 storm mostly spared the island where 007 shares with his wife Micheline, but Connery tells the Scottish Daily Mail the pair dodged a bullet.

“We are both fine,” Connery told the British tabloid. “We were lucky compared to many others and the damage here was not great. We had been prepared for the storm, everything was ready in advance — we weren’t taking any chances and knew what to do.”

The 89-year-old Scotsman and his wife of 44 years have lived in the Bahamas since the 1990s, according to The Guardian.

Dorian touched down in the Bahamas Sunday and hovered over the islands until Tuesday with winds reaching 185 mph. The storm is already blamed for 30 deaths in the Bahamas, though that number is expected to climb. Dorian moved along the east coast of the U.S. before making landfall in the US Friday, soaking parts of North Carolina as a Category 1 storm.