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Background checks, tip from father helps prevent potential mass shooting in Texas, police say


A man in Texas failed multiple background checks while attempting to purchase the guns he intended to use for a mass shooting – giving authorities enough time to locate and arrest him before any violence could occur.

Fort Worth Officer Buddy Calzada said the 27-year-old suspect pulled nearly $700 out of his bank account just days after seven people were killed in a shooting spree with the hopes of carrying out his own attack.

“He wanted to kill many people. He wanted to do something very similar to what took place in the Midland-Odessa area. He basically wanted to mimic that,” he told NBC-DFW.

After a series of failed background checks prevented him from making his gun purchases, he attempted to buy from a man on the street, where he was spotted by the Fort Worth Police Department’s Crisis Intervention team.

Officers with the unit had been responding to a tip from the would-be gunman’s father — who expressed concern to authorities regarding his son’s behavior — when they spotted him.

“The great part is that somebody, which would be the father in this case, was able to reach out to police with valid information and we were able to do something very significant,” Calzada said, noting authorities had previous interactions with the unidentified suspect.

The suspect, who has diagnosed mental health issues, was in custody and receiving treatment at a local clinic.

The incident came after gunman Seth Ator unleashed gunfire on the road between Midland and Odessa after authorities pulled him over for failing to use his turn signal. The 36-year-old killed seven people and injured dozens more before police rammed the mail carrier vehicle he hijacked and then shot him.