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Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman prayed ‘Please don’t take me’ while feverish from severe COVID-19 case


Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman said Saturday that a severe case of coronavirus left him praying for his life earlier this summer.

The power-hitting 30-year-old infielder said that his temperature spiked to 104.5 degrees on the most terrifying night of his ordeal with COVID-19.

“I’ve never been that hot before. My body was really, really hot,” Freeman, wearing a mask, said in a video news conference. “So I said, ‘please don’t take me’ — I wasn’t ready.”

Freeman has since recovered from the virus. He said he’s not sure if he will be ready to suit up for Atlanta’s season opener, which is scheduled for Friday. The Braves are set to take on the Mets.

Freeman said that Saturday marked his ninth straight day without coronavirus symptoms.

“I feel great,” he said. “I didn’t lose any strength.”

Freeman has been a consistent standout in his nine-year career with the Braves. He was the National League Rookie of the Year in 2011, and has finished in the top 10 in the National League Most Valuable Player voting four times.

The first baseman hit a career-high 38 home runs last year.

The Braves on Friday shared a clip of Freeman taking batting practice.

“Welcome back,” the ballclub tweeted.

Freeman was thrilled to be back.

“I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store again,” he said Saturday. “You forget sometimes how much you love this game. I did truly miss it. I was so excited when I got to the yard.”

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