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Arizona trooper extorted ‘sexual favors’ from women during traffic stops: authorities


An Arizona state trooper is accused of using his badge to sexually abuse, harass and hold women against their will during traffic stops in central Phoenix in exchange for leniency.

Tremaine Jackson, 43, of Buckeye, was arrested on more than 60 charges this week stemming from eight alleged victims who were stopped by the now-fired cop over the past year. But authorities believe the number of victims could be much higher as the accused pervert had been with the force for about 13 years.

Col. Frank Milstead, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday that the suspect made sexual comments, touched women inappropriately, tried to extort sexual favors from them and falsified police reports and citations to conceal his actions.

“We are absolutely horrified,” Milstead said. “To think that under the color of authority, the trust the public places on the shoulder of law enforcement is betrayed by a single trooper that tarnishes the reputation of an agency or a profession and victimizes women on a traffic stop is horrifying.”

The first complaint against Jackson came on May 15 after a woman said he made inappropriate comments to her during a traffic stop. While investigating that incident, authorities received a report in June that he had sexually abused a driver.

Milstead said the trooper was immediately placed on administrative leave and investigators began to contact women Jackson had stopped or cited in recent months.

Authorities did not release details about his conduct because the investigation is ongoing and more victims are likely to be interviewed.

“I implore anyone who has had contact with Trooper Jackson, who may have been affected by contact with him, who may have been victimized either through commentary or physical action … to please come forward,” Milstead said.

Among the dozens of offenses Jackson was charged with, he faces one count of attempted sexual assault, two counts of sexual abuse, four counts each of sexual extortion and attempted unlawful sexual conduct, and eight counts each of kidnapping, forgery and tampering with a public record.

Milstead said the kidnapping charge stems from Jackson allegedly keeping people for an unreasonable amount of time when they were not under arrest.