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AOC and Trump agree on one thing: ‘bed bug’ Times guy Bret Stephens is a major snowflake


U.S President Donald Trump (Francois Mori/AP)

AOC and Trump agree on one thing: Bret Stephens to grow some thicker skin.

The lefty firebrand and her nemesis in the White House both shaded the New York Times columnist for throwing a hissy fit after a professor called him a “bed bug” in a tweet.

President Trump fired off a tweet Thursday morning mocking Stephens as a “tough guy!” for losing his cool and quitting Twitter over the relatively mild jibe.

“Lightweight journalist Bret Stephens....does whatever his boses at the paper tell him," Trump wrote on Twitter.

Turns out, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens) had almost the exact same take on Stephens.

“My own friends roast me harder than that,” the outspoken leader of the so-called Squad joked.

The unusual alliance came after Stephens blew his stack at a George Washington University professor for calling the neo-conservative scribe a “bed bug.” The little-known liberal prof, whose tweet drew a measly nine likes, was making a joke about the news that the Times had discovered an insect infestation in its newsroom.