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Alleged rapist on the loose in St. Louis, lures young girls with social media apps like Snapchat


Police in St. Louis are trying to track down a man they say is a sexual predator who has been drugging and raping girls as young as 13 for some time.

Now police are seeking Dominico Yocco, 19, of Florissant, on rape charges. They’re calling for the public’s help and fear others may be in danger, given that he is still at large.

He faces four counts of first-degree rape, two counts of third-degree assault, two counts of second-degree rape and one count of first-degree of statutory rape, according to KMOV-TV.

“Mr. Yocco is considered a sexual predator and is not in custody,” the St. Louis County Police Department said Monday in a Facebook statement. “Investigators believe there could be other victims. The victims were known to Yocco and had reportedly met him through SnapChat or other social media apps.”

All five of those who have come forward were under age 16 when assaulted, police said. All the attacks happened between Nov. 17, 2016, and July 3, 2018, police said.

Nearly 200 comments followed the Facebook post, some of them from people who said they knew many of his victims, and that he had a reputation in high school for drugging and raping girls.

“This gentleman has posted stories on his Snapchat where he's luring these girls in,” St. Louis County Police Officer Tracy Panus told KMOV. “He’s posting stuff on his story that enables him to reach these young girls, he goes and picks them up, brings them to his house where he rapes them, sexually molests them, and then he brings them home.”

All the victims were between 13 and 16, police said. They include a 16-year-old girl who told officials that Yocco had had sex without her consent by holding her down and striking her, while a gun was nearby, according to KMOV. Five other girls had similar stories about sex without consent, some of them alleging Yocco drugged them.

“He was using Snapchat to post about parties, to lure these girls in basically,” Panus told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “That’s how he’d get them to come hang out with him.”

The house, too, is known to neighbors.

“They party a lot over there and have a lot of people over,” a neighbor told KMOV. “Their cars wind around the corner, they’re loud at night.”

Yocco has also been added to the Most Wanted list at St. Louis Regional Crimestoppers.

Police said time is of the essence.

“Every day that we don’t catch him, there could be another victim,” Panus told KMOV. “So we definitely need to get him into custody immediately.”