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Alabama man who died after Bronx street brawl was victim of a homicide: medical examiner


The death of an Alabama man who traveled more than 1,000 miles to attend his sister’s baby shower – only to die in a Bronx street fight – has been ruled a homicide, authorities said Friday.

Troy Scott, 40, died of a head injury, the city Medical Examiner determined.

Scott was all smiles during the plane ride from Birmingham, Ala. to New York on JUne 21, taking a selfie and expressing how eager he was to attend the family celebration.

A day later he was dead.

At 1:00 a.m. on June 22, Scott was found by cops, unconscious and sprawled out on the pavement at E. 169th St. and Prospect Ave. in Foxhurst, authorities said.

The police who discovered Scott were responding to a report of a fight, which had broken up.

Scott was rushed to Lincoln Hospital with a a deep cut on the back of his head. He died later that morning.

The man who fought with him, Jimmy Rosario, 34, surrendered to police after learning that Scott took a deadly turn.

He told investigators that if he had known Scott was seriously hurt, he would have taken him to the hospital himself.

His attorney said that Rosario was trying to leave a deli when Scott, who was arguing with another man, blocked his way.

As the two fought, Scott was knocked to the ground and Rosario ran off, a video of the incident showed.

Rosario was charged with misdemeanor assault and released on $2,500 bail. It is not clear if he will face upgraded charges.