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A convict on probation for giving his girlfriend a ‘wet Willy’ is behind bars forviolating his probation: report


Joseph Sireci is accused of a parole violation. (Marilyn Nieves/Getty Images)

A convict arrested for drunkenly giving his girlfriend a “wet Willy” last year has reportedly been fingered for violating his parole.

Joseph Sireci was arrested in Fort Pierce, Fla., according to the Smoking Gun, which reports that the 48-year-old convicted burglar refused to submit to a court ordered urinalysis. He also moved to a new home without telling his probation officer, according to the report.

Sireci’s latest arrest stems from an Aug. 15, 2018 incident when his 54-year-old girlfriend told police she’d come home from work and found the verbally confrontational suspect lying on the living room floor drunk.

The unidentified victim alleged that she and Sireci wound up in her car, where he stuck his finger in his mouth, then inserted that spit-covered digit into her ear. Sireci reportedly confessed to cops that he’d given his live-in girlfriend a “wet Willie,” but didn’t know it would upset her. He was arrested without incident, according to police. Sireci also denied that he was drunk at the time.

The suspect, who’d previously been sentenced to three years in prison for burglary according to the Smoking Gun, was charged with felony battery on account of the wet Willie and given five years probation. He is expected in court Oct. 14 to explain to a judge why he allegedly failed to comply with terms of his probation.

Fort Pierce police have not returned a request for records.