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5 siblings in foster care adopted into same family — and they’re the sweetest


Five siblings who had been separated into different foster homes have landed together under one roof in Texas, completing a family of 10.

It started on a sad note 11 years ago, when Andi and Thomas Bonura were advised not to have any more children after one of two twins died at 5 months old.

“When we lost Eli, we were told we couldn’t have any more children, and we were devastated,” Andi Bonura told CBS News Monday. “And we actually started looking at adoption then, but for some amazing reason, we had two more daughters that were a complete shock.”

Along came Sadie and Daphne, and then doctors again advised the mom to stop getting pregnant. But the Bonuras wanted more kids. So they turned to foster parenting.

First there were two babies, who came and went back to their original families, reported CBS News.

Then along came Bryson, who they took home straight from the hospital, according to People. Not long after it was David and Gabrielle’s turn. Meanwhile Thomas and Carter, the oldest and twins, would visit.

“We had already been meeting with the twins, who are now 8, and we just loved them,” Andi Bonura told CBS News. “They were constantly asking when they were going to move into our house.”

One day, their wish came true. The Bonuras learned that all five children — Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4, and Bryson, now 2 — could be adopted outright.

“One day we got a call saying, ‘[The parents] are terminating rights. Do you want them?’ " Andi told “Good Morning America.” “We said yes.”

The deed was done on May 6, over Zoom. Now, along with Joey, 11, Sadie, 10 and Daphne, 8, they form a robust family — just as the proud parents always wanted.

“These are their brothers and sisters, and there’s no argument,” Andi told “Good Morning America.” “The kids have been through a lot but they’re the sweetest. They’re amazing — and resilient.”