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30-car pileup on Maine highway, likely caused by ‘blinding sun,' leaves several people hurt


About 30 vehicles were involved in a messy pileup on a Maine highway Tuesday morning, leaving multiple people hurt and stranding hundreds of drivers in a chain reaction that authorities believe was caused by “blinding sun.”

Maine State Police said a preliminary investigation indicates the first crash happened around 7:45 a.m. because of a strong sun glare, leading to a massive pileup on Interstate 95 in Carmel.

It was not immediately clear how many people were hurt, but police said one of the patients sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

Maine Forest Rangers are assisting @MEStatePolice on the ground & with a helicopter for a serious multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 in Carmel. We have 4 forest rangers on the ground assisting with first-aid, traffic control and scene stabilization.

There were no reports of fatalities as of late Tuesday morning.

Images posted on social media also suggest the road was wet and may have been slippery during the crash.

The accident closed all northbound lanes and backed up traffic for miles. Authorities said the road was expected to be closed for much of the day as the investigation continues.

Maine State Police had initially reported that up to 60 cars were involved in the crash before revising it to 30.